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Voiceover and Session Singing

As well as performing as Kelly Stanley & Company, Kelly is also available for session work in both Singing and Voiceover. 

Session Singing & Writing

having sung professionally from a young age, kelly is no stranger to her own voice and the great range and versatility of style it can produce. Classically trained, she can not only quickly repeat and record in as little as one take but also write and create melodic phrases and lyrics for many genres of music.

in the past she has lent her vocals and writing talents to such projects as:


-the Medway regeneration song 'The Future's on its way' by Ryan Edwards

-'Dragonsphere' Ep by Crimson Tears 

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A lover of comedy. Kelly took her first tentative steps into the world of voiceover during a period of ill health that prevented her from playing her guitar. Exploring the intricacies of her voice farther than ever before, playing with character and taking courses in comedy and character making. Using her beloved blythe dolls she started a series of videos giving them life with their own voices, from there she studied accent. corporate voicing styles and learnt more and more skills, since then she has has been hooked and is now auditioning for and working on voiceover jobs regularly.









-With a full professional home recording setup including pro Shure sm7b microphone and adobe audition editing.

Projects kelly is currently working on:

-'Dragor- What it means to be green' - Audiobook by gina Brace

-The Greenlands presents podcast

-Spiritual Psychics TV Ad Campaign


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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