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It all starts with a song. Bare in its bones to begin with, gradually the lines are thickened, the shades are deepened and the pieces fall into place with every new note or beat added to it.


Kelly began writing many years ago as a young girl and this passion has grown ever since. Performing and improving as a singer, writer and guitarist throughout her teen years, Kelly achieved a great deal of experience and exposure performing at a range of venues, from local pubs and clubs to the Portsmouth Guildhall and London’s Ministry of Sound. Over the years Kelly’s face and voice have also appeared in regional newspapers, local and nationwide radio and on both BBC and ITV television. 


In her 20's after many years as a solo performer Kelly spent time playing with a number of talented musicians and working on her musicianship and skills, leading to the current line up.


Now playing regularly with a company of talented musicians including Liz Ost on Cello, Scott Woods on drums and Emma Peto on Backing Vocals/Percussion, the emotion of the music is lifted further with a full and rich intricacy.


Playing live is Kelly's forte. She has been described as 'spellbinding' with a voice that soars with passion and an obvious craft for singing.  Kelly's songs are not based on average experiences either. They are honest and reflective, explorations of life from the perspective of someone who has struggles with both physical and mental illness. 

Kelly can also be found using her voice to create characters and narration in her work as a

voice over artist (more info here)


With a true passion for music and a catalogue of inspiring songs exploring the human condition,

Kelly Stanley & Company Are an act you truly must see live.

MeeT The Band



Songwriter, Vocals and Guitarist.

Firm but fair leader!


Cellist and calming presence.

DSC07137 AS.jpg


Multi-instrumentalist and 

magician of harmony!



Part time Drummer, Sound man & musical advisor!

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